Social & Emotional Learning

Children Reaching their Full Potential

Learning the Skills RELEVANT to Life – The 5th “R”

Only 1% of schools teach life skills to their students.  How much better prepared will your child be?


ife Skills Coaching focuses on building forward momentum through teaching relevant skills. Strong communities are sustained by the collaborative efforts of the strong individuals who live in them.  By utilizing the Coaching Paradigm of Possibility Curriculum youths and communities can cultivate action-based partnerships that manifest results.

Paradigm of Possibility

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Mindset & Approach

The role of a coach is to recognize their client's strengths and personal power.  A coach views clients as whole - not broken.  Coaches help guide their clients through discovering solution based strategies, consistent accountability, and continuous encouragement.
Mindset & Approach

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Progressive Life Coaching & Leadership Development Benefits

Community Emotional Spiritual Physical
Life Transitions Improve Relationships Call to Serve Balanced Lifestyle
Work Transitions Emotional Strength Find inner peace Stress Reduction
Social Responsibility Focus on the Future Personal Legacy Self-care
Community Relations Personal Fulfillment Spiritual Gifts Mind-body wellness
Building Resources Client Strength Focused Servant Leadership Behavioral Modification


The desire for change is innately ours.  When we seek out opportunities to overcome that which holds us back, we organically experience the possibilities of empowerment.
Nicole Karslake, Founder Conscious Chaos Coaching LLC