Student Challenges in Middle School

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Student Challenges in Middle School

These are the most challenging years of their young lives.

The need for social acceptance can play havoc on the self-esteem of an adolescent.  Physical changes begin to take place and may begin to cause feelings of vulnerability as they try to adjust.  Concerns about personal appearance and privacy are common points of contention for tweens. 

Middle School Social Survival 

 What are the real daily challenges?

  • Teasing & bullying
  • Peer pressure to conform or risk being an outcast
  • “Hang out” groups changing based on popularity
  •  The transition from Elementary School

Middle School Academic Survival

The transition from Elementary School presents a whole new set of necessary skills.  All of which can cause your student high levels of anxiety.

  • Time management – getting to class on time, homework assignments due, learning study habits…
  • Problem solving and deductive reasoning skills
  • Oral and written skills development

If every experience your Middle School student had was planned to prepare them to achieve success in High School, what would you say those experiences have prepared them to do?

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