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Certified Professional Coaching Services

Seeking out a Professional Certified Coach is the most effective way to gain the support and training you need to identify and achieve purposeful goals. The world has become increasingly more complex. Professional and personal relationships seem to be more difficult to sustain. Seeking guidance from a Certified Professional Coach will help you achieve a better understanding of your role in addressing the toughest decisions in your life.

International Coach Federation - Approved Training

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the the coaching Profession. ICF-accredited training programs must complete a rigorous review process demonstrating that their curriculum aligns with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. Certified Professional Coaches have undergone extensive training in an ICF Approved Training Program. Certified Professional Coaches have an in depth understanding and mastery of the Core Competencies, display effective coaching techniques, are committed to integrity, and are dedicated to the individual needs of their clients.

Mastery of Coaching Core Competencies

The partnership between Coach and Client is premised on the concept of progressive goal identification and achievement. Effective coaching is a creative process through which the client will be guided through maximizing their personal and/or professional potential. Certified Professional Coach will demonstrate mastery level skill-set in the following:
1. Establishing Trust
2. Active Listening
3. Meaningful & Direct Communication
4. Ability to ask Powerful Probing Questions
5. Creating Awareness
6. Devising a Client Action Plan
7. Strategic Goal Setting
8. Measuring Client Progress towards goals
9. Holding Accountability

About Nicole Karslake CPC

Nicole has been coaching Business Professionals and youth in Character and Leadership Development for over 15 years across 5 states. She is recognized for her ability to lead dynamic change within individuals and organizations. Nicole specializes in coaching youths exposed to high-potential risk as well as professionals seeking career transition, alternatives, and/or re-entry into the workforce. Her coaching style with clients is deliberate, meaningful and client-results driven. Nicole is known for her ability to quickly create trusting meaningful partnerships with her clients. Her coaching style fosters an environment of empathy, self-awareness, accountability and personal growth. Nicole received her Certified Professional Coach Certification from the ICF Approved Life Coach Institute of Orange County.

Life Skills - Why they matter.

Without developing strong social and emotional skills, you allow circumstances to define your life purpose instead of you defining it yourself. Having a Life Coach as a trusted partner will help you achieve living an authentic life with meaningful relationships.
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