High School - The Highway to Success

Students at Risk @Cedar Hill High School

High School – The Highway to Success

High School – The Highway to the Future.
Cedar Hill High School Highway
These are the years that students will make some of the most important decisions of their lives. How prepared are they to take on the future? I’ll share with you some data from the TEA 2015-16 School Report Card database. Keep in mind, my attention is focused on the schools within Cedar Hill ISD. Please feel free to cross-reference the information I share with the TEA website. https://tea.texas.gov/
Listed below are a couple of worthy notations to keep in mind as you review the data. According to the TEA:
1. School campuses rated as MET STANDARD are eligible to be “awarded” distinctions for OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT in 7 different distinction designations.
2. According to the accountability standards for 2016 posted on the TEA website, OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT ratings are earned when students answer 76% of the questions on the STAAR exam correctly.

76%… This is where I scratch my head trying to understand. A school can MEET STANDARD with students achieving a 76% accuracy rate on the STAAR exams. How is a 76% on any exam considered OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT and worthy of distinction?
A 76% on an exam when I was growing up was worthy of the “go back to your room and study” distinction.
Please excuse my digression…

For the 2015-16 school year, Cedar Hill High School was given a MET STANDARD rating. Congratulations to the STUDENTS, team of staff, teachers, administrators, parents, and community partners that contributed to earning that rating!

Cedar Hill High School earned 1 out of 7 OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT distinctions for the 2015-16 school year in the area of Social Studies.

Here are the STAAR student percent scores for Cedar Hill High School at Level II Satisfactory Standard for 2016 in the areas of Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. I’ve included the state score for each area of study for the sake of comparison. You can access this same information on the TEA website.

Social Studies: 93% of students achieved the requirements for the Meets Standard score compared to 77% of the students across the state.

Science: 66% of students achieved the Meets Standard requirements compared to 79% of students across the state.

Reading: 58% of students achieved the Meets Standard requiremenst compared to 73% of students across the state.

Math: 53% of students achieved the Meets Standard requirements compared to 73% across the state.

I encourage everyone to do their due diligence in interpreting the data. As I understand it, Cedar Hill High School campus was rated overall as Met Standard but is under-performing the state averages in Math, Science, and Reading.

Our students deserve better. Our teachers deserve better. Our communities deserve better. As a parent and Youth Advocate, I strongly encourage student participation in effective after-school enrichment and ESL programs. These types of specialized programs focus on teaching the skills that students need to have in order to perform better academically. Our students deserve to opportunity to learn the ESL skills not generally taught in the school curriculum. Our teachers deserve the opportunity to teach academic curriculum to students who have been socially and emotionally developed. Our communities deserve the opportunity to support and recognize the ongoing value of the contributions made by our resilient and responsible youth. www.coachingchaos.org

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